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There are always going to be struggles in life. The way to be successful in getting through these struggles is to build healthy coping habits. But sometimes we make bad choice and become dependent upon things like drugs or alcohol, so that we feel like we can overcome the hard times in life. When this happens, we have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, which can only intensify the struggles and damage important relationships in our lives. At this point, a Leventhorp Behavioral addiction recovery program may be the best way to get back to a rewarding, healthy life.

The first step when you come to our drug rehab center in Richland, Washington is to enter our drug detox clinic. During your stay, you will undergo the detox process. This process may seem frightening because of the discomfort of allowing your body to cleanse itself of the toxins built up by extended use of drugs or alcohol. You will not go through this alone. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Richland will have someone with you who will support you and encourage you in order for you to keep moving forward with your recovery in the most effective way possible.

Once you are passed the detox process, you will already begin to see yourself surrounded by a community of amazing staff and peers. These people will be your family during your stay at our addiction recovery center in Richland. When you feel like you can’t go any further, they will help you push past your fears and find strength to move on. Also, at our addiction treatment facility in Richland, we offer extended support groups. These groups will allow you to hear the experiences and struggles of others all while learning to share your own. You will quickly see that there is no shame or judgment in our drug rehab facility. Speaking openly and honestly may be something you have to relearn, but we will help with that. Once you are able to be honest with yourself and others, you will truly be able to begin healing.

Leventhorp Behavioral takes great pride in the safety and care of our drug rehab centers. We understand how you have enough to worry about during your recovery. We want you to be able to focus completely on your steps and treatment, so you can leave the other stresses to us. We want you to be nothing but comfortable and successful during your stay in our Richland addiction recovery facility.

There are two main goals we have for you. One is to give you a proper dual diagnosis, if necessary. A dual diagnosis is simply when you have the diagnosis of addiction to drugs or alcohol along with the diagnosis of a mental health issue such as bipolar disorder or depression. One condition can often intensify the other, and they need to be treated concurrently for the best results.

This brings us to our second goal. At our addiction treatment center in Richland, Washington, we need to get to know you on an intimate level. We want to know you as an individual to ensure you do not fall through the cracks or feel like another face in the crowd. It is important to us to mold an individualized treatment plan around your unique personality, struggles, and experiences. Leventhorp Behavioral takes the time to make sure you are a priority. With a dual diagnosis and unique treatment plan, we believe you will be set up for a successful recovery you can take back with you into daily life once your time with us has come to an end.

There are a million excuses anyone could come up with to say no to this opportunity. There are valid reasons why it is difficult to essentially take time to help yourself, but there is no reason why you should continue to live your life without the happiness, health, hopes and dreams you once had. Say yes to the Leventhorp Behavioral addiction treatment program today to put your health first. Accept the help you need to get yourself back on track to a life of fulfillment and happiness.