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Drug addiction is a growing societal concern that cuts across age, gender, and socio-economic divides. Without proper treatment at a drug rehab facility, it can ruin the health, careers, and relationships of its victims.

What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is a compulsive use of drugs that the person cannot control or stop, despite negative consequences. Drugs work by causing dopamine-the feel good hormone responsible for feeling ‘high’ to be released in the brain. Drug users, therefore, crave this high and require larger amounts of their drug of choice over time to achieve the same effect. Prolonged drug use leads to changes in the brain that affect brain functions such as memory, learning, decision-making and general behavior.

Factors Influencing Drug Addiction

Not everyone who uses drugs gets addicted. Environmental and genetic factors could predispose someone to substance abuse. Environmental factors such as peer pressure, stress, abuse, and low economic status could play a role in cultivating drug addiction.

Genetic factors such as mental disorder, family drug history, and even genetics can make an individual vulnerable to drug use.

Addiction Recovery

If you or your loved one are battling drug addiction, you need special care and assistance to recover. Leventhorp drug rehab centers provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to detox and begin the rehabilitation process. Finding the right treatment center influences the success of the rehab process significantly.


Drug detox is the first step of recovery at our drug rehab center in Columbia, South Carolina. It is also the most difficult part for the client. Detox involves eliminating all traces of the drug from the client’s system while managing withdrawal symptoms. Because of potential adverse effects of the withdrawal symptoms, it is important to have supervised detox by professionals at our Columbia drug detox clinic.

Leventhorp Behavioral and our addiction recovery facility in Columbia offer a unique treatment plan tailored to the client’s specific needs. The detox process at Leventhorp Behavioral begins with a comprehensive evaluation that includes blood tests, mental, physical and psychological assessments, and a withdrawal risk plan. The client is then stabilized through the withdrawal process, with proper nutrition and psychosocial support. At our Columbia  addiction recovery center, your safety and comfort during detox are our utmost concern. The client is also briefed about what to expect in the treatment program.


A recovery program is the next step after detox. Inpatient treatment plans have higher success rates because they reduce the chances of relapse at this stage. The Columbia addiction recovery center offers residential treatment rehab facilities in a comfortable and conducive environment.

A dual diagnosis mental health treatment approach ensures any underlying mental health issues are addressed along with the addiction. The length of the addiction recovery program in Columbia will be determined by the duration of drug use, the substance abused and the client’s willingness to understand and overcome their addiction.

Treatment at a Leventhorp Behavioral substance abuse treatment facility involves some counseling sessions by experienced therapists. These sessions help clients identify the emotional and psychological causes of their addiction. They also teach cognitive behavioral techniques to cope with potential triggers and re-enter society without relapsing.

Group therapy also provides a safe environment for the client to share experiences, struggles, and progress during the recovery journey. Other clients act as a support system especially during the initial stage of therapy where family and friends may not be allowed to visit.

Other activities and therapies may be incorporated into the treatment plan by the Columbia addiction treatment center to provide a holistic and enjoyable rehab experience.

Once the inpatient program at the addiction treatment facility is complete, the patient is ready to leave the drug rehab center. To prevent relapse, Leventhorp Behavioral offers aftercare services to clients who need additional support. These include support group placement and continued psychotherapy. Following up on clients ensures a smooth transition from the facility to normal life.

If you or your loved one have made a commitment to recovering from drug abuse, our addiction recovery facility in Columbia, South Carolina is the place to begin. We’ll provide the highest level of care and professionalism to ensure your treatment is both successful and memorable.