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Gain Control of Your Life Again

If you or a loved one is currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, there is a way out. You can gain control of your life once again by focusing on your recovery and looking for ways to overcome your addiction. Going to a drug rehab center is nothing to be embarrassed about. As an organization that is focused on helping our clients overcome substance abuse, Leventhorp Behavioral substance abuse treatment facility in Columbus, Georgia aims to be a place where people can recover and begin living an empowered and free life once again.

Supervised Detox is Importance

Our drug rehab facility in Columbus enables clients to participate in an effective detox program under the direct supervision of trained staff. This is important from many different perspectives. Each person suffers from the effects of withdrawal in various ways. For some, disorders may become apparent, while others may suffer from depression, and still others may encounter other mental issues. These are all treatable and can be worked through effectively in conjunction with your counselors during the addiction recovery process.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our addiction recovery center in Columbus will focus on a dual diagnosis approach to the treatment of a variety of mental health issues. This has been shown to be most effective during the rehab process, and our counselors are all specially trained in this methodology. During your stay at our Columbus addiction recovery facility, we will help you under the factors that led to your addiction in the first place. Only once we get through this, will you be able to receive lasting recovery treatment.

Your Safety Is Our Primary Concern

When you are staying in our addiction treatment center in Columbus, you will be safe and secure at all times. Not only will the temptations of drugs and alcohol be left on the outside, our facility works tirelessly to ensure that all clients remain safe from any type of influences that could cause a relapse. We also make sure that each client does not pose a threat to any other guest at the facility. The focus at a Leventhorp Behavioral addiction treatment facility is placed solely on you recovering from your substance abuse disorder. We maintain a clean and hospitable environment in order to further that main objective.

A Community Will Surround You

When you stay in our drug detox clinic in Columbus, you will be surrounded by a community of clients who are working on their sobriety just as you are. Staying in a residential program allows you the time to become a part of an extended support network. You will be able to talk through your problems and struggles with others who have walked in your shoes. You do not have to feel that nobody understands what you are going through, as everyone here will. This is a unique environment where you have safe people to talk to and to develop a plan that will help you be successful upon exiting our addiction recovery program in Columbus.

Because we work so hard to create a safe environment for our clients, you will be able to speak honestly and openly with others about the issues that you face. They will do the same with you. This allows people to talk about various strategies that have and have not worked, and to work together to develop a solid plan that equates to success. This is a unique environment that our clients respect and benefit from through the years.

Individualized Attention

While you will be staying in a facility that houses other clients, you can rest assured that your treatment plan will be tailored to your own needs. During the rehabilitation process, you will go through individual and group counseling sessions that are focused on beating addiction and living a sober life once again. We will also go over some aftercare options that will benefit you once you graduate from the program.